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BLACK HOLE2 (parts of the video clips)

Bona Park, 2019 

On one channel, the actors rotate clockwise enacting an iteration that consists of four gestures (of enjoying coffee and cigarette; of anxious glimpses and praying; of crying and of repression and command), while on the other, they sit around a round table talking about their performance and roles, the world and art, and order and this order, etc.

The eight roles that actors talk about presented in Black Hole 3, which was made with the selected dreams from the book .

Supported by Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture

Written, Directed, and Edited by _ Bona Park


Performers _ Chan Ho Kong, Hyun Jung Kim, Ko Eun Choi, Jin Gon Kim

DOP / Color grading _ Daegyeon Kim (DAEGYEON FILM)

Camera Department _ Jun Hyeong Lee, Hyeong Seop Shin


Make up _ So Hee Kim, Mizy Han

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